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Bioplas is the solution to plastic pollution. Bioplas Australia is certified worldwide as truly biodegradable and compostable plastic. Products include compostable packaging, bags & mulch films made solely from certified Mater-Bi raw materials and compostable inks. 


Biodegradable & Compostable

Biodegradation is a chemical process in which materials degrade back into water, CO2 and biomass by the activities of living microorganisms.

Virtually everything can be claimed biodegradable, even traditional plastics and those that claim to be degradable plastics ambiguously, without certifications, can be shown to biodegrade over a very long period of time, but such biodegradation rates are clearly unsuited to the increasing and immediate environmental and resource needs of our society now and the future. 

Biodegradable materials are an attempt to find solutions to the problem of society waste. Waste is produced at a very high rate and therefore, in order to be sustainable, the disposal rate must be comparable in order to avoid accumulation.

Biodegradable and compostable products make the difference when they are used in applications where recycling is difficult or anti-economical, which often happens when a plastic product is used in contact with food (food waste bags, food packaging, food serviceware), that made recycling a very difficult option.

Thus, a biodegradable and compostable packaging is a packaging that can be recovered by means of organic recycling.  Organic recycling means composting (including home composting) or anaerobic digestion, under controlled conditions.

So what defines a truly biodegradable and compostable product?

  • Where a product is able to biodegrade
  • How fast it biodegrades
  • How much it biodegrades

These limits are clearly defined by international standards and certifications

All grades of Mater-Bi resin are certified compostable according to Australian standard AS4736. Certain grades are even certified for home compostability in Europe.

Bioplas converts into compost

Through composting, biodegradable and compostable plastics products together with food waste are recycled and converted into compost, which can be used in agriculture giving significant benefits to our soil and crops. 

Compost is a valuable resource when used in agriculture since it’s able to return organic substances to the soil, to improve soil structure, increase the soil’s ability to hold water, support living organisms.