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Bioplas is the solution to plastic pollution. Bioplas Australia is certified worldwide as truly biodegradable and compostable plastic. Products include compostable packaging, bags & mulch films made solely from certified Mater-Bi raw materials and compostable inks. 

Bioplas compostable waste bags approved by Jeffries composting facility


Bioplas compostable waste bags approved by Jeffries composting facility

Bioplas Australia

A test aimed to assess the compostability performances of Bioplas compostable waste bags has been undertaken by Jeffries, the South Australian company focused on receiving, processing and marketing recyclable organic resources.

Jeffires composting facility is recognized as one of the most important composting facility in Australia thanks to a strong commitment to sustainability and recycling of organic materials into high quality compost. Jeffries is currently processing the majority of food scraps and green waste source separated by Councils in South Australia.

Test results show that: "Bioplas bag broke down so well in Jeffries composting process, that it disappeared even before the control/reference bin liners", for instance after 35 days from the beginning of the test, Bioplas bag was almost fully disintegrated (see picture).


Bioplas bags have been approved by Jeffries in South Australia as fully compostable in a commercial composting facility.

See the certificate released by Jeffries: