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Bioplas is the solution to plastic pollution. Bioplas Australia is certified worldwide as truly biodegradable and compostable plastic. Products include compostable packaging, bags & mulch films made solely from certified Mater-Bi raw materials and compostable inks. 

Organic Stream: free education about organic waste collection and recycling


Organic Stream: free education about organic waste collection and recycling

Bioplas Australia

The Organic Stream is a free online learning platform fully dedicated to organic waste management, mainly addressed to local governments, agriculture and businesses active in this sector.

The website offers several tools like the online course, the podcast section and the buzz section.

The online course is designed for beginners and intends to serve as a reference to communities around the world to learn the fundamentals of organic waste management, including source separation, composting, anaerobic digestion, use of high quality compost in agriculture, soil management, legislation and best practices.

Lessons last approximately 20 minutes and can be accessed for free after registering to the website. The advisory board who contributed to the preparation of the course involves some of the top worldwide experts in the sector of waste management, which guarantee the relevance and independence of the information distributed. Many of the advisory board mambers are connected to the Zero Waste movement.

We had the pleasure to follow the whole course and we are willing to share this as an easy, effective and professional free tool for people interested in organic waste management.

The project is driven by Green White Space, a not-for-profit enterprise specializing in social design and innovation.