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Bioplas is the solution to plastic pollution. Bioplas Australia is certified worldwide as truly biodegradable and compostable plastic. Products include compostable packaging, bags & mulch films made solely from certified Mater-Bi raw materials and compostable inks. 

New corporate image for Novamont and Mater-Bi


New corporate image for Novamont and Mater-Bi

Bioplas Australia

As Mater-Bi biopolymers official distributor for Australia and New Zealand we are excited to announce that in September 2015 Novamont has launched a totally new brand identity.

“Today we greet the world with a new corporate image, that reflects the DNA of our values, celebrates our evolution over the years into today’s Novamont, and demonstrates our desire to be promoters of change”, Novamont’s CEO Catia Bastioli declared at the presentation of the new visual identity for Novamont and Mater-Bi®, the family of products which has made Novamont the world’s leading company in the bioplastics and biochemicals sector.

“We are now no longer a single company. After significant investments, we have become a group of companies, a network of production and research sites, a sales network that stretches out across the globe and a major joint venture. We are now a group that has its roots firmly in the local areas but its head in the world. Our new corporate image confirms our drive towards continuous innovation, which has always been the driving force behind our development”.

We are now a group that has its roots firmly in the local areas but its head in the world. Our new corporate image confirms our drive towards continuous innovation

Designed by Lorenzo Marini Group the new corporate image is a blue-green ribbon which wraps around itself in an upward circular movement, representing the idea of a perpetual drive towards excellence in research, planet Earth and regeneration. A perfect synthesis of the systemic approach with which Novamont is revisiting the traditional production-consumption-disposal economic model from a different standpoint, that of circular economy and supply-chains, with undoubted advantages for the environment and for local areas.
Turned through 90°, the ribbon becomes the letter M, standing for Mater-Bi®, the family of products developed through the integration of chemistry, the environment and agriculture. The result of over 25 years of research and innovation and of around 1,000 patents, Mater-Bi® can provide solutions to specific environmental problems, that of organic waste for example, marking the present and the future of a truly sustainable development for both the environment and for society. Though different, the two symbols can transmute into each other, signifying the strength of the bond between the original development model that Novamont strives towards and the concreteness of demonstration, made possible by the case studies and the integrated supply chains pioneered by Mater-Bi® over the years.
Novamont research has spawned an international industrial reality with Italian roots, but also a platform for interdisciplinary innovation of great potential, which is able to interconnect different worlds and catalyse new initiatives that can be replicated in many other contexts.
“With our customary passion and our new brand identity, together with our partners and colleagues we are ready to face a global market that can no longer ignore the essential and central role of natural resources for mankind”, Catia Bastioli concluded.

Watch the video with the new exciting corporate image: